Industry Players Join Forces to Form the IoT-Ready Alliance

IoT ReadyAt LIGHTFAIR this past May, a group of lighting and LED driver manufacturers, Internet of Things (IoT) technology companies and industry groups established the IoT-Ready Alliance, dedicated to making installation of IoT technology in luminaires easy now and in the future. The Alliance is setting industry standards that will enable LED light fixtures to …read more

Forget coffee. Blue LED light will stiulate drivers

Published on:May 24, 2017 By Mark Halper Contributing Editor, LEDs Magazine, and Business/Energy/Technology Journalist Human-centric lighting will speed ahead at a grueling 24-hour race in Germany this week, where drivers will don special Osram eyeglasses. The human-centric lighting concept will literally race ahead for a day this week when drivers and engineers at the annual …read more

GreenMaxLEDs Commercial Catalog – Part 1

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All our products are reviewed with scrutiny in testing labs that meet or exceed the standards of big name brand labs.

Testing Blog

In the LED business, we are a small but nimble David competing against several very large, lumbering, Goliaths. However, being a David is to our advantage. To the big companies, you are merely a number and can easily get lost in limbo. But, because we are smaller and more nimble, we can offer a more …read more